Meet the new Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

If you are one of the people on earth who loves a laptop computer that not only looks great with that sleek design when you take it out of your bag but that also is very powerful in performance, let me introduce you to the key aspects of the new Microsoft Surface Laptop 2. When […]

Best Features of Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa

Amazon is becoming a leader in the tablet market. As the market continues to grow and more smartphone users are adding a tablet device to their growing pack of mobile devices, the release of the Fire 7 Tablet by Amazon will be of immense benefit to users who have been looking for upgrades to previous […]

Best Features of All-New Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

The smart speakers market has gotten very interesting and every day more personal assistant speakers get improved some way or another. one of the strongest players is Amazon and is on a mission to improve the general look of homes and has been releasing products that will make homes smart. The Echo Dot 3rd Gen) […]

Best ways to use Alexa Echo Dot 2Nd Generation Smart Speaker

First, let’s do a quick definition of what the echo dot by Amazon is in reality. Among many of its competitors Alexa echo thought has brilliant an amazing features that allow you to get quick answers and quick reminders by just speaking to the speaker microphone, therefore its name smart assistant or smart speaker. Some […]