Best ways to use Alexa Echo Dot 2Nd Generation Smart Speaker

First, let’s do a quick definition of what the echo dot by Amazon is in reality. Among many of its competitors Alexa echo thought has brilliant an amazing features that allow you to get quick answers and quick reminders by just speaking to the speaker microphone, therefore its name smart assistant or smart speaker.

Some of the most common features that you will find in echo dot by Amazon are: Alexa play music, Alexa control my smart light, Alexa can you please call my wife, Alexa what is the capital of the United States, Alexa please set the alarm for whatever time you want, Alexa remind me I need to stop at the grocery at night time to pick up milk from my daughter so on and so on.

For those of you who loves music and use Spotify, Pandora or any of those digital smart app that you can stream from your Internet connection you can also sync up your account and just tell Alexa please play my playlist on Amazon music, on my Pandora, my Spotify or even on SiriusXM satellite radio.

Alexa echo dot has great features and every time she keeps getting smarter and more powerful. Amazon team is putting a lot of effort and work to make sure that you not only surprise your friends when you have an echo at your home but that you also can be very efficient at the time of getting a quick reference, reminders or help to control some of your smart devices at home.

Seriously, you know you want to look cool and geek when you have friends at home and while watching a movie, NBA, NFL or MLB game, you can find answers to quick questions. I had some friends at home and asked Alexa for the last time Yankees had won a World Series and she said 2009. My friend’s impression was like, “OMG, I want one of those”. You can imagine what the next 30 minutes or so the conversation was about.

So If you are reading this is because you are probably looking to get your own so here is a quick review. When you buy Alexa Echo Dot Second Generation you will need the App for your smart device, sync up with your network and finally start commanding her.
Before we continue, here is a Quick step-by-step how to set up your echo second-generation. The first thing you’re going to do is download the app and sign in (Create an account if you don’t have one, should be easy). You can download it in your android device, your iOS or fire operating system 2.0 or higher and then. Once that is set and ready to go, go ahead and turn on your echo dot and connect to a Wi-Fi network that is also the one your devices is connected to so you are in the same network and then finally you will be able to talk to Alexa and command different things that you think she might be able to help you with. Always saying her name first to wake her up followed by the question or command. Yes, she is always on a sleep mode.

While reading some of the web reviews, I found something very interesting that I would like to share. A person that was severely sick and couldn’t walk or couldn’t get from her bed to do anything was given an Alexa Echo Dot. She was fascinated and started crying when she found out that she could speak to this speaker, asked some things and this speaker will actually respond back to her questions. While you might think that’s not what you’re going to use it for, think about all the possibilities of using it for many other things. For example, my son while doing his homework could say hey Alexa what is the capital of Chile, hey Alexa what is the name of the president of the United States.
Keep in mind, my son is seven years old, he is very interested in learning while his reading. So if he finds something in a book that he doesn’t know what it is, turns around and says Alexa what is this?.. For example the other day he was reading about something and within the context there was a sentence about the capital of the United States. He turned around and said hey Alexa what is the capital of the United States. He is seven years old and probably didn’t remember the capital. Important tip.. Don’t let your kids use it for everything because they need to work their memory as they grow.

My wife loves it because when she is at the kitchen like she’s most of the time, she tells Alexa, “Alexa remind me to stop at the grocery store after I pick up my kids at school at 3 PM”. Hey Alexa remind me when I’m doing the homework with my kids to tell them about the book fair coming up Sunday at 1pm. Hey Alexa remind me that my son has a soccer game at 3 PM on Friday. You get the point.

I’m sure that some people out there would want to do more other things with this but for simplicity we will leave it at this and remind you that when you are doing your research for a great smart speaker that you can get quick answers from and connect your smart devices take a quick look at Alexa Echo Dot second generation. It is a great affordable speaker and it’s reviews are awesome.I personally use it and will recommend for you to have it in your house kitchen, bedroom or anywhere where you can feel that while you’re working it’s worth to have a smart assistant to get quick help!

Amazon Alexa echo dot can be bought at Best Buy, Amazon eBay and other online retail stores.

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