Best Features of All-New Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

The smart speakers market has gotten very interesting and every day more personal assistant speakers get improved some way or another. one of the strongest players is Amazon and is on a mission to improve the general look of homes and has been releasing products that will make homes smart. The Echo Dot 3rd Gen) is a great improvement to previous versions released by Amazon. With this, the competition between the company and other leaders in the industry had been triggered for another bull-run and it seems the latest addition, the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) will fare better than others.
Featuring better looks, impressive design, and clear sound quality, the speaker is what you will like to have around in the home. The other upside is the Amazon A.I, Alexa that makes access possible. Interestingly, it costs the same as the previous versions. This means users will get better service at reduced rates.
You might think that the introduction of the third generation of Echo Dot is because previous versions were not up to standard. It will also be out of place thinking that they had lags that made users uninterested anymore. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) hits the right spot like its antecedents and as Amazon is focused on getting it better, this will be better than what other versions had. Now, sit is worth noting that the third generation of the Echo Dot has impressive features that will get users itching to have one.
Improved Design
The third-generation Amazon Echo Dot has made a significant improvement in the casing. The new model boasts of a textured material case that replaces the plastic case used for the previous version. Most controls that were used in old models such as the microphone mute button and the volume button were retained. There is, however, an improvement to what previous versions had to offer. Sounds are clearer and body made of sturdy material that makes the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) last longer.
The external connectivity was retained. The device can be connected to an external speaker using the 3.5mm audio jack. If you chose to play music, the device can be connected to a Bluetooth device. The wireless connectivity was also upgraded; leaving the third-generation Echo Dot with an 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection that replaces the 802.11n in older versions.
One other significant improvement that stands the device above previous versions is the larger body of 1.7 inches – a far cry from the 1.3 inches available on the second-generation Echo dot. With cloth-covered body and rounded edges, the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) has indeed made impressive upgrades to older versions.

Speaker Quality is good
The device also made finish touches to the audio quality. The second-generation Dot device had provided distasteful sound quality but Echo Dot (3rd Gen) had stepped up on that with the smart speaker that features the Amazon personal assistant, Alexa. The superior sound quality that is doubled when connected to other devices is better than what previous Echo Dot versions had been known for.
The 1.6-inch powerful speaker is completely different from the smaller size on older versions. It performs better with playing music and getting access to Alexa. There mightn’t be any need getting paired device to build up a stereo because the third-generation Echo Dot device has impressive output.
The built-in four-mic system is perfect for receiving voice commands from a farther distance. The device is punchier and has more bass. The upside also extends to receiving services from Alexa such as weather reports, issuing voice commands and making calls.
Superb Connectivity
In addition to the improved Wi-Fi connectivity, it is worthy of note that the third-generation Echo Dot supports dual band 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi connections. If there are no connections to external speakers using the 3.5mm stereo audio output, the built-in speaker receives commands. The Alexa App allows connectivity to Wi-Fi networks and is available on Android, iOS and Fire OS devices.
Voice-Controlled Speaker
The built-in Amazon personal assistant, Alexa allows for voice-control. When the assistant is turned on, the speaker receives voice commands from different angles in the home. Voice commands are also possible within the home when the device is connected to compatible Echo devices. It is worth noting that Alexa is getting smarter and is adding new skills such as playing games.
With voice-control, a user issue commands to Alexa to read the news, make calls and play music. The voice-controlled in the third-generation Echo Dot uses Alexa to check the weather, set alarms and control other devices in the home that are compatible with Echo Dot (3rd Gen).
When connected to compatible devices, voice commands are used in turning on lights, lock doors and adjust thermostats. The Echo Dot (3rd Gen) device also streams songs from different platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music and same is played through the loud and clear sound in the speaker.
Alexa is also great to help in the home when the third-generation Echo Dot device is connected to compatible devices. A user adds items to his to-do lists, set reminders, search information and check traffic.
Amazing Controls
Echo Dot (3rd Gen) maintains the controls of previous versions. There are volume buttons to turn up the sound when playing favorite music. The activation control turns on Alexa to start listening to voice commands and there’s also a microphone control.
These controls are open to reinvention. Once Alexa had been activated, voice commands are used to control other buttons. A user can instruct Alexa to increase or turn down the volume of the speaker.
A Device Better than Home Mini
Since Amazon’s sojourn into smart speakers that can be used in the home, it had been in competition with Google. For some time, the latter had been holding sway. It now seems that the stronghold held by the search engine, Google is about to be cut down as the third-generation Echo Dot has some features that will through Google’s smart speaker, Home Mini off-guard.
The 3.5mm audio jack son Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is a better way to connect to other devices if a Bluetooth connection is not needed. This is one step ahead of Google’s Home Mini that lacks the audio jack. The superior audio quality is quite impressive than Home Mini’s. Google’s Home Mini, however, beats the third-generation Echo Dot with its efficient Google Assistant. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) just inched closer to Google’s Home Mini and will soon take over the mantle in future.

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