Best Features of Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa

Amazon is becoming a leader in the tablet market. As the market continues to grow and more smartphone users are adding a tablet device to their growing pack of mobile devices, the release of the Fire 7 Tablet by Amazon will be of immense benefit to users who have been looking for upgrades to previous Fire Tablets. The Fire 7 Tablet released in 2017 is touted to have better optimization to its antecedents.
If you’ve used other Fire Tablets and have been yearning for a better experience from what they might have offered, the Fire 7 Tablet might just be what you’ve been looking for. If your interest in heightened on this 2017 model of the Fire Tablet (Fire 7), you’re presented with some of the features that make the device worth your money.
A $50 Tablet
In characteristic Amazon style, the Fire 7 Tablet is yet another tablet that you can purchase with $50. The price had been pegged at $49.99 but with current deals from Amazon, you can save 40% of the cost and have the Fire 7 Tablet at $29.99.
It is important to note here that the $49.99 price is for the 8GB version of the Fire 7 Tablet. The device is also portable and can serve as a multimedia player.
This is quite impressive especially when some features and other additions that were hitherto missing had been integrated. So if you’re looking for a tablet to buy with less than $50 and which also has other upsides such as longer battery life and access to eBooks, the Fire 7 Tablet is the best pick.
Amazon’s AI (Alexa) Comes to Fire
Trendy smartphones have some Artificial Intelligence (AI) in them such as the Google Voice Typing service. But great was the excitement when it came to public knowledge that the Amazon Personal Assistant, Alexa had been integrated into the Amazon 2017’s Fire 7 Tablet.
It had been compared to the Amazon Echo Dot and results have proven that the Fire 7 Tablet can easily connect to Echo Dot. Commands can be issued using voice prompts and you can have quick access to information. The voice command on Alexa also extends to playing music, accessing weather reports and viewing news from around the web.
In addition, interoperability of the Amazon personal assistant (Alexa) with other devices such as Echo Dot, Fire Tablets and Echo Show makes it possible to have mobile communication with them. Making calls, sending text messages and video calls are made available here and you can have seamless connections to Echo devices.
The overall aim of integrating Alexa to the Fire 7 Tablet was to make the user experience better. It will be fascinating surfing the web with voice commands and checking up on favorite entertainment channels without hassles.
Extended Battery Life
The previous model of the Fire Tablet had battery optimizers that were meant to increase the battery life. There was the Smart Suspend feature that turns off wireless connectivity anytime the device is not in use. Then the Low Power Mode reduces the device’s display so you will have increased battery life. You won’t have to go through the stress of turning these settings on and off.
With the Fire 7 Tablet, you have better battery life. The device can run on intermittent usage throughout the day without sucking much power out of the battery. There is up to eight (8) hours of battery life when the device is on mixed usage. In addition, battery saver modes are integrated which increases the Fire 7 Tablet’s battery life. In the light of these, it is noteworthy that users will have the Fire 7 Tablet up and running for longer hours after a full charge.
Fire 7 Tablet is Faster
The Fire 7 Tablet is also fast; making it impressive once more. There is a quad-core processor that runs on 1.5 GHz cores. This allows for faster launching of applications, web surfing and general access to other programs in the device such as videos and music.
It has however been posited from some users that the Fire 7 Tablet processes games faster and has some slow performance with the web browser and some other apps on the device. It is worthy of note that the 1.3 GHz quad-core MediaTek MT8127 was the same used for the 2015 model of the Fire Tablet. Despite these, the Fire 7 Tablet still has upper hand in faster processing of apps.
Dual-Band Connectivity
This is yet another feature that will make you buy the Fire 7 Tablet. There is the integration of dual-band connectivity for faster web surfing. The dual-band Wi-Fi allows for more Wi-Fi connectivity. To this end, there are an integration of the dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks for better network performance.
Better Storage Space
The Fire 7 Tablet has two variants – 8GB and 16GB. However, you can extend the storage space with a storage device. If you have been worrying about keeping your photos and music, then you should consider buying the Fire 7 Tablet.
It allows you to increase your storage space with a storage device of 256 GB maximum. For pictures taken with the tablet, you get free cloud storage. So you might not need extra storage space for your pictures if you have taken them with the Fire 7 Tablet.
Enjoy Extra Services with Prime
If you’re a Prime user, then having the Fire 7 Tablet gives you added leverage over other users who might have purchased the tablet. Amazon had promised to give free access to multiple contents to users who are signed up to Amazon Prime and have purchased the Fire 7 Tablet.
Prime members will have unlimited access to TV episodes, songs, and books when they purchase the Fire 7 Tablet.
Better Display
The Fire 7 Tablet also has improvements in the display. The 1,024 by 600, 171ppi that runs on the tablet’s 7-inch LCD display is brighter and the color can be moderated with a built-in blue light filter. It is however preferable for viewing multimedia such as videos and playing games.
The Fire 7 Tablet’s display is better off than the 2015 model and has sharper texts and higher contrasts.

Amazon had put up the good job on the Fire 7 Tablet and made up for issues noticed on the previous generation. The Fire 7 Tablet will be found useful by lots of people and supports electronic books. That means you can download and read Kindle Books on the device.
The increased battery life that can last for eight (8) hours is impressive. The built-in Amazon AI, Alexa will certainly make surfing the tablet exciting. If you want a tablet that offers you better features and which you can get when working on a budget, the Fire 7 Tablet that costs less than $50 is the best pick.

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