10 Reasons to buy iPhone 8

Since iPhone 8 was officially out, Apple fans were hovering over the stores to lay their hands on the model. The flagship smartphone by Apple comes with a lot of attractive first time features that makes it a great choice for all Smartphone lovers. Yes, there are newer and better iPhones now out in the market and of course many new features could be found in them but this model has many features and characteristics which still makes it a very unique option to puchase.

  1. Glass back
    It has been quite some time since the glass back finish had last come to the market since the iPhone 4. That was the product with the best looks for its symmetry and shatter prone glass back. With the known design of curved edge from the era of iPhone 6 and the finish from the era of iPhone 4, the iPhone 8 can be claimed one of the best looking items of all iPhone series.
  2. Durability
    The main problem for Apple to stop with the glass back finish after the iPhone 4 is due to its proneness to get shattered. But this time with the iPhone 8, Apple has taken strict steps to keep an eye on the durability of the product. The brand has worked with Corning to bring up with a glass reported to be far more durable in comparison to Corning’s latest product – Gorilla Glass 5 that is being used most of the top smartphones on date.
  3. A11 Bionic processor
    Reports about the speed of iPhone 8 have flown pretty far. It is mainly on account of the new A11 Bionic processor with its six core technology. This processor can give a hard time to most of the latest android phone apart from competing with the mid-range Core-series processors for Intel consumers. The ability to make simultaneous use all six cores provides it with a performance controller of the second generation. This makes it possible for the processor to provide far better performance in comparison the A10 Fushion from last year.
  4. Apple designed GPU
    Apple has finally come up with their own GPU to power the vibrant graphics of the new iPhone 8. Though there were controversies relation to the ditching of Imagination, the London Based supplier for GPUs, there has been an overall boost in performance by 30% since the use of Apple’s silicon developed through custom design.
  5. Haptic feedback and reduced shutter lag
    The new image signal processor in the A11 Bionic takes extra steps to bring in significant improvements to the camera performance of the latest iPhone – iPhone 8 as well as 8 Plus. The primary improvement that is most prominent is the reduction in the shutter lag of the phone while clicking photos. This can increase the chances for the users to capture a right-time click before the moment flows by.
  6. Slow Sync with Quad-LED True Tone Flash
    A new technology of Slow Sync has been incorporated in the device to mix the slow speed of shutters to the principle of short strobe pulse. The equipment of this new age technology to the Quad-LED flash has made it affordable for the device to bring in a brighter foreground alongside making provision of all the depths from the background. This adds on to the fact that the photos captured by this combination will posses more natural and even appearance even when captured in low light circumstances.
  7. Video recording at 24, 30 and 60 fps with 4K resolution
    The facility to capture 4K videos at 60 fps has been made possible for the first time in a flagship smartphone. While most of the standalone cameras specifically designed for high-end services as well as still cameras cannot provide you this feature, it is far beyond expectation for a smartphone camera. The 4K 60 fps video capture is known to have a lot of applications including retention of Ultra HD resolution with taking slow motion captures. With the introduction of 4K 60 fps features to YouTube, it is currently the best vlogging camera in the market.
  8. 1080p Slo-mo video at 240 fps
    With the 4K 60 fps tech, this device supports a lot of Full HD resolution slow motion captures at high frame rates. Users can use the 240 fps feature to get even silkier captures without having to compromise on the resolution instead of the 120 fps capture.
  9. Enhanced OIS and Beta Portrait Lighting
    The latest upgrade for the internal camera hardware of the iPhone 8 brings in enhanced Optical Image Stabilization especially for the purpose of using the primary lens for wide angle captures. What is more is that the improvement of the shallow depth realization in the portrait mode is promised by the new Portrait lighting features. Users are allowed to use 5 varied effects of dramatic studio lighting that they can alter or remove based on their choice.
  10. Wireless fast charging
    This is the first jump Apple has made into the arena of wireless charging. It is compatible to be used with a lot of chargers enabled with the Qi feature. They can even use a 12W iPad adapter for a boosted charging.
    These are some of the top features of the new iPhone 8. If you wish to know more about the product, feel free to explore the web or check out the official website.

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