10 Reasons to consider Dell XPS 13

If you are a fan of Dell XPS computers and looking to make your next purchase, the information you will read could help you make the right decision. Dell has made significant improvements to its XPS 13 model released this year in comparison with the last year’s model. This powerful light laptop is coming up in a wide range of specifications so you can customize it the way it most fit your needs. Among its similar computers in the market, the Dell XPS 13 has got solid reasons to stand out. Check out why you should consider one for your next purchase.

  1. Hardware
    I know the price might not be within your budget but take a deeper look at the components inside this electronic so you understand why it is such a good option and the price is the way it is. This laptop is provided with some of the premium quality hardware components. There are different models to choose from but the components you choose will determine your price tag, so choose the hardware that suits your requirement and prevent a lot of useless expenses. The Dell XPS 13 comes with Intel Core i7-8550U, an outstanding powerful processor, incorporated with a 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD for the starters. (Combination of hardware components could vary if you build it from the Dell Website but you can buy an already built option at Amazon, Best buy etc). Finally, to make a great combination on the hardware portion of this laptop, The Gore Thermal Insulation technology used in its build insures the insulation of the internal components. “The Gore material supports direct air cooling by resisting heat transfer to the surface of our system and driving the heat into the airstream to get it quickly out of the notebook.”
  2. Design
    Dell has made some noticeable changes in the Dell XPS 13 laptop. To begin with, it is a more thinner and lighter built to a surprising extent in comparison to the last year’s model. The chassis has been re-designed to be 30% slimmer with a maximum weight of 1.21 kg only. The Alpine White and the Rose Gold color options come with a keyboard deck in a complementary color. Woven fiber glass and titanium oxide coating ensures the stainless property for this laptop. With new IR lens being brought to work for biometric security, logins are now smoother and faster.
  3. Keyboard, Track-pad and Touch
    This laptop comes with a perfect combination of keyboard and track-pad. Chiclet styles keys have been used in the keyboard to make it more responsive. The precision of the track-pad can help you to get oddly satisfied with its performance. The input of touch is even better when used on the optional 4K Ultra HD display provided in the laptop.
  4. Features
    The laptop comes with a 720 pixel webcam. Similar to the Apple products, Dell has also decided on using the design of USB-C. With a micro-SD card reader built in the laptop, you can now directly connect your storage devices to your laptop. Sadly for pen drives and Ethernet adapters, users need a dongle.
  5. Display
    This is another striking improvement that Dell has incorporated into the XPS 13. An optional resolution of 4K Ultra HD clarity has been made available for the screen beneath the IGZO glossy finish touch-screen. With a coating of 0.65% anti-reflective material, screen glare and touch-screen downfalls have been significantly dealt with to provide the sharpest pictures among all competitors. Viewing HDR contents have never been better.
  6. Performance
    This is the point where Dell XPS truly shines the brightest for it takes extra care to deliver what they are taking your money for. The laptop has come up with a 30% faster response in many tests with a competition among the ranged rivals. With side speakers, the sounds come out great. The Windows Hello feature for Windows 10, a fingerprint sensor and face detection technology are some of the prime security features for the laptop.
  7. Battery life
    The battery life is dependent on the version of XPS 13 you choose to buy. If you are planning to get the touch version then you can expect an amazing battery life of 6 to 7 hours, far more in comparison to the other rivals in the market operating at such high pixels. If you wish to make an investment on the cheaper non-touch version, you can enjoy a 12 hour long battery – providing significant competition to the MacBook Air.
  8. Affordable Price
    The range of design, performance and features that this laptop comes with is something that comes with a pretty higher tag. Though the price may be a bit high, but it is absolutely worth for the value it will provide to your money. The other laptops with similar features are either far from market or cost much more. This is a pretty great deal at fairly $999 price tag. The higher models coming at higher prices up to over $2000 will provide you the satisfaction for your investment. The non-touch version comes with a comparatively slower Core i3 processor at just $799 – a fair competition for MacBook Air again.
  9. Windows 10 ready
    The laptop comes with readily usability for Windows 10. You do not need to go through the tedious update process to get your hands when the operating system first rolls the street. If you are not in much love with Windows 8 or 8.1, this laptop will be ready in a jiffy as soon as Windows 10 comes to the market.
  10. Brand Recognition
    Dell itself is one of the best things that you can get in the market. The name is enough to state the quality benchmarks. Anyone who knows Dell products can confirm you of what you can get by purchasing any product of the brand.

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