5 Smart locks for your home you should consider

Security is the most important factor to consider in your home but when you think security you also want to consider ease of use, mobility and cutting edge technology. Security is also one of the prime concerns that you need to pay attention to in present times due to the rise of thefts and burglaries. No matter whatever the reason is for you to choose a new smart lock system for your home, you should consider going through some of the top products available for the service. Here is a short list to help you during your research.

  1. 2nd Gen August
    If you want to increase the security of your home, you do not require making many changes to the door hardware if you can replace the deadbolts from the door’s interior side.
    • This device tends to convert your smartphone device in to key for your smart door. With this, users are not required to keep the codes or pins into the memory.
    • The locking codes can be shared with any number of friends or guests. Despite that, the user will be exercising the ultimate access control and can decide on how long the sharing can last.
    • Batteries are used to provide power to the locks. This confirms that the lock is always at its duty even if there is a power outage in the house.
    • The item is a little costly.
  2. Kwikset Kevo
    It is one of the best devices for individuals who have a tendency to forget the keys. It can be accessed with Bluetooth as well as identified through radio frequency.
    • The installation and calibration is very easy for the device.
    • This device shows learning thermostat compatibility allowing better access of the heating system for your home.
    • A separate physical key is available for the product to aid house members who are not very fluent with the technical world.
    • The product is very durable and known the excellence of its service qualities.
    • The after sales support is great and provides immediate response to any complaint lodged by the customer.
    • It is quite expensive in comparison to the other smart locks.
    • The LED light quality is not that great and requires improvement.
    • The signal for the battery life blinks on a continuous basis and can be quite annoying.
  3. Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt
    You can control this lock right through your voice. It works great with Amazon Alexa. This lock can be stored with up to 250 different pins.
    • This device does not depend on bandwidth to get connected to PCs, tablets or smartphones.
    • The device comes with a traditional physical key that can be used to unlock the door even if the internet access is broken due to some reason.
    • The device comes with a special privacy mode that allows users to lock people out if they are not in mood. The system will take care of all issues once the pass code is provided.
    • It is very easy to use the device mainly due to the provision of a coded procedure explained by detailed voice instruction for each step.
    • The product is very expensive.
  4. SoHoMiLL YL 99
    It is more like a developed version of an everyday lock. It can remember up to 10 codes that can be used to unlock the door.
    • The primary advantage of this keyless lock is the simple interaction that it comes with. There is no need to get it synced to multiple devices. Rather you can prefer to memorize a few codes and leave out all the rest.
    • The product is of magnificent quality. The durability is confirmed by the heavy duty metal used to produce it.
    • It comes at a significantly cheap price.
    • The embedded warning system for the low battery signal makes its usage more convenient. Due to this, you will never forget to recharge the batter before the product dies out.
    • The setup procedure for the lock is very easy and does not require any professional help for the installation.
    • This smart lock can get oxidized pretty fast on exposure to moisture, causing rusting of the metal body.
    • The number of codes that can be stored is very limited.
    • It is not one of the most high tech gadgets available in today’s market.
  5. Samsung SHS P718
    This smart lock allows users with the feature of unlocking the door with their fingerprint, a preset pin or a key fob.
    • This device allows users to have full control on the security without any compromise. You can share access with a lot of people but you will still be in main control.
    • The touchscreen display of the device provides an excellent feature to the product alongside providing users with a vibe of total digitalization.
    • Users do not need to bring in many changes to the door hardware as this lock can be used directly over the handles of the door.
    • The product is tagged at a very high rate.
    • This is not an ideal choice for doors that have knobs.

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