7 Top fitness bands to choose from

In today’s world, technological innovation has carved out the best gifts for us. Who would have thought that something that could be on our writs would get to be so useful. Well, impressively, Smartwatches have turned out to be one of the most sought after devices by health freaks across the globe. That demand for the best fitness band has made multiple manufacturing brands come up with their products, it can be quite confusing for you to choose on a particular device if you are buying it for the first time. For this reason we have made the research to short list some of the best fitness bands available in today’s market to help you keep track of all your fitness activities.

  1. Fitbit Versa
    This smartwatch comes with a combination of extreme slick design with one of the most potential batteries for extra long life. It is the second stab made by the brand in fitness band market.
    Key Features:
    • The device comes with a tracking facility for all day activities
    • With this, users get the facility to track sleep cycle.
    • Built with water resistant features for usage under water or in rain.
    • Multi-sports mode features for services during gym, swimming, cycling and other fitness activities.
    • The device supports GPS connectivity.
    • Users can track their heart rate with this smartwatch.
    • It allows on-screen workouts for superior calorie burn.
    • Smartphone alerts can be received on the watch screen for better interactivty.
  2. Suunto 3 Fitness Smartwatch
    This is most famous for the provision of high tech orienting equipment for exercises in a more generalized tone. It can be used to keep track over twelve activities and comes with plans to enhance guided training.
    Key Features:
    • The device comes with a unique color screen.
    • Guidance for adaptive training is provided within the device.
    • The tracker features facilities to monitor heart rates.
    • The smartwatch comes with GPS connectivity support for better tracking.
    • With water-resistant features, it can be used for water activities.
  3. Garmin Forerunner 35
    It is most ideal smartwatch provided with GPS capabilities for runners. The best part for this smartwatch is that it does not require a phone along to keep track of the workout sessions.
    Key Features:
    • The most unique feature of this smartwatch is its 9 day battery life.
    • The device is provided with a built-in monitor to track heart rate.
    • It is suitable for keeping track of all activities throughout the day?
    • Supports smart notification to display SMS and call alerts from your smartphone.
    • This smartwatch also has features of GPS connectivity.
  4. Apple Watch Series 4
    The 4th contender from the Apple Watch series is provided with next level features to track heart health. Based on its redesigned shape, it is one of the best signature smartwatch by Apple.
    Key Features:
    • The watch can withstand its water resistance features up to a depth of 50 meters.
    • It is incorporated with heart rate tracking facilities.
    • Smartphone alerts can be easily availed on this smartwatch.
    • It is provided with a unique feature to store music.
    • The smartwatch supports full GPS connecticity.
    • It is provided with certain optional cellular capabilities.
  5. TomTom Spark 3
    If you love to enjoy music while you cycle or run your schedule, this smartwatch is for you. You can add nearly 500 songs into the device memory and keep precise tracks of your cycling and running routes.
    Key Features:
    • This device can tract all activities throughout the day.
    • A built-in monitor is provided to keep track of heat rate.
    • It comes with GPS connectivity features.
    • This device can be used in multiple modes for multiple sports.
    • Like the Apple Watch Series 4, this device also has music storage facilities.
  6. Samsung Fear Fit 2 Pro
    This smartwatch has been widely known for the extravagant features of its special AMOLED display. The second entry to the smartwatch series by Samsung is the best option in the range of the price tagged for the product.
    Key Features:
    • The device is provided with a 1.5” AMOLED display screen.
    • It is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphone devices.
    • The battery life can keep it alive for up to 3 days without charging.
    • The device is totally water resistant.
    • This device can be used to track heart track and other all day activities.
    • It can be used with any smartphone to use GPS connectivity.
  7. Huawei Watch 2
    At a reasonable price, you can lay your hands on the numerous fitness tracking features that this watch comes with. The sleek design and compact build makes it suitable for running as well as business suits.
    Key Features:
    • Long lasting battery life provides support for up to 21 days.
    • Keeps pretty accurate count of all steps taken.
    • This smartwatch can be used to track all day activities as well as the heart rate of the user.
    • The watch is water proof.
    • It is compatible with all android and iOS devices.
    • It comes at quite a competitive price for the features it provides.

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