Best Features of Google Wi-Fi System, 3 Pack – Router Replacement

Staying connected to favorite podcasts, streaming videos on YouTube and staying in touch with friends on social media often comes with a challenge – internet connectivity. Users sometimes are disconnected from internet connectivity when the network is bad or spotty. When this happens a lot, the last thing you want is to use Wi-Fi to stay online. Google, the giant in search and technology launched some Wi-Fi routers that would ease the burdens of low internet coverage.
The Basics
Google Wi-Fi is a formulated router technology that lets users stay connected to the internet from the comfort of their home. As Wi-Fi experience is improved, consideration is also made of the length of the service. Google has varieties of Wi-Fi routers such as the one pack and three pack routers. The latter is the strongest focus and has better coverage than the former.
The overall essence of launching these routers was to make Wi-Fi access easier and faster for users. Costs also tend to be reduced. Connections are also extended to modems and other compatible internet gateways.
The Three Pack Router Replacement
As the number suggests, the routers offered here are three and function accordingly. The Google Wi-Fi system earlier launched the one pack router that performed well. However, the three router replacement has better functionality. The impressive features that make it a better option than other Wi-Fi routers will be discussed below. It is worth noting that the router is suitable for homes and offices.
Faster Wi-Fi Service
Users who settle for this router enjoy scalable connectivity. One pack routers have a point each and in cases of lags, the whole system shuts down. The multiple points on the three pack router of Google’s Wi-Fi system let connections pass from different points. When one point is malfunctioning, the other continues.
Each of these points acts as a router – producing a high-speed signal that power all your connections. Just as every other Google’s Wi-Fi system (such as the one pack router), the three pack router has strong coverage and also costs less than competing Wi-Fi systems.
Streaming videos from YouTube or watching movies on Netflix won’t have to be buffered for long. The three pack router is quite impressive for covering large areas and having uninterrupted connections.
Large Area Coverage
Wi-Fi networks are popular for their wider coverage. Google Wi-Fi’s three-pack router has better coverage that covers 4,500 sq. Openings are then made for more connections. Mobility is key because a user can change locations within a given location and still be connected to the network.
Users will be at home with the pleasant Wi-Fi experience the 3-pack router from Google Wi-Fi creates in their home. The home receives face lift because Wi-Fi points on the router seamlessly connect to one another. This creates room for more addition to the network. Whether you’re in the garage, your bedroom or surfing the internet from your patio, the large coverage of the three pack router is super-fast.
Dual-Band for Speed
Wireless networks are fast but surfing the internet at the speed of light is the goal of Google Wi-Fi’s three-pack router. Operating an 802.11a Wi-Fi standard, the 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequencies will be the basis for the router’s operations.
As speed is assured, multiple devices are connected to the network via the TX Beamforming framework. The router features Bluetooth Smart Ready. The technology creates room for Bluetooth-enabled devices’ connection to the router. The built-in dual Gigabit Ethernet ports support LAN and WAN connectivity.
It is worth noting that the router replaces the traditional modem and works well with some internet service providers.
Network Assist Technology

The advanced Google software, Network Assist works behind the scene to keep the router functional and connectivity faster. Wi-Fi networks have their speed reduced as coverage is extended. With the slower speed that stays in the face when users connect multiple devices or extend their reach, Google Wi-Fi had provisioned the Network Assist Technology on the three pack Wi-Fi router.
The technology keeps connections fast by selecting clearest channels. It also chooses the fastest of the Wi-Fi dual-band networks that are compatible with a user’s device. The bottom line is that the three pack router uses the Network Assist technology in making connections faster and having users make the best out of their Wi-Fi connections.
Unified Points
The three pack router has separate points working in their ways. The mesh technology is put to use to keep them together. The idea is that the three routers are recreated to be one Wi-Fi network via the mesh network that brings them together.
Secured Connection
Security is at the optimum and breaches are hardly to be recorded on the connection. For this reason, the router’s connection is a step ahead with protection by WPA2-PSK encryption. Regular automation of security updates is available to keep the network free of hacks.
Operated from a Smartphone
The network is meant to work in accordance with traditional Wi-Fi connectivity that is operated from a device. A user controls the router from his smartphone. The central access makes control easier and adds more to the security.
To get started, a user with the Google Wi-Fi three-pack router is expected to have a smartphone (preferably an Android or iOS device). With access to the internet, the router is connected to the smartphone and subsequent connections will be processed from the device.
The device-connectivity was informed with the absence of a web-based interface. So a user has to install the Google Wi-Fi system on his smartphone before connections can be made to the router. After the connection, the user’s device remains connected. However, such user must have a Google account to complete the set-up.
It is worth noting that the Google Wi-Fi system does not have access to personal information (except authorized). The basic items needed to get a user logged into the network are a Google account and a device with web connectivity.
Final Verdict
The Google Wi-Fi system is a better way of staying in tune with the latest trends on favorite online platforms. The bane of low Wi-Fi network coverage is disrupted by the Network Assist technology that facilitates connections. In a nutshell, Google Wi-Fi’s three-pack router replacement extends Wi-Fi coverage to farther distances and offers clearer connections free of interruption.

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